Our Own Revelation with Tea

So you might ask, why Epiphany? For starters, an epiphany by definition, is the perception of the essential nature or meaning of something. We provide a variety of quality teas that it is not based solely on taste, even though that is an essential characteristic. Quality tea must have enticing aromas, well-defined textures, and a harmonious color to uplift one’s senses. We want our customers to experience the best tea possible that will provide that warm and exhilarating awakening, your own epiphany.

That’s what we are about in a nutshell, but our journey doesn’t stop there.  The founders Richard & Charity have relatives that grow, process, and export tea throughout the world from their tea farm in Kirinyaga, Kenya.  We might add that the farm produces some of the most bold and flavorful tea that could be steeped in a cup.  Not to mention the farm provided an excellent learning experience and lots of fun.


So, back to our teas and a little bit about what we aren’t.  Our tea’s have been carefully selected and hand blended to provide you with what we like to call an “Epiphany”, the awakening of your senses.  We have regular, blended and decaffeinated tea within our online store.  Depending on the season of the year our blends can change, but it is only to provide you with a better experience.  We like to have fun with our blends and we put a little extra TLC (tender, love, and care) in each one.  Right now we are a small business who loves doing what we do, so you will not find thousands of teas listed on our website.  We create!

Where can you find our tea?

Duh!  Well you made it to our website so of course you can place an order in our online store.  You can also purchase a select few of our teas within our Facebook store. Finally, you can find our tea at our permanent pop up shop in San Pedro, CA.  We are apart of the marketplace CRAFTED and our booth number is 206.  Anytime you want to talk tea, sample tea, or just relax come on out and visit us.  The marketplace is open every weekend from 11:00am to 6:00pm.  We also do shows and community events to spread tea.  After all our mission is “TO STEEP TEA IN THE HEARTS, MINDS, STOMACHS OF EVERY CUSTOMER”.  Thank you for visiting our company!