Our Story

Through the years, I had heard the many complaints of family members that did not feel as if the tea they purchased from unnamed companies, had met their needs. So, in January 2015 I set out on a new quest to not only reinvent tea in my own family, but to bring a new uplifting tea experience and lifestyle to my friends and community.

First stop…… Tea School

I enrolled to become a Tea Sommelier which was a unique experience within itself. The International Tea Masters Association provided the foundation to continue my quest.  After a fun yet challenging program, I finished tea school and became a Certified Tea Sommelier!

After months of planning and testing, Epiphany Tea finally arrived!

So you might ask, why Epiphany? For starters, an epiphany by definition, is the perception of the essential nature or meaning of something. We provide a variety of quality teas that it is not based solely on taste, even though that is an essential characteristic. Quality tea must have enticing aromas, well-defined textures, and a harmonious color to uplift one’s senses. We want our customers to experience the best tea possible that will provide that warm and exhilarating awakening, your own epiphany. Find a new revelation in your life, experience Epiphany Tea.

Our Mission

To steep tea in the hearts, minds and stomachs of every customer!

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