Green tea is perhaps one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Long-ago those who lived in the southwest area of China used these tender leaves as a sort of snack or to chew for pleasure-much like chewing gum. In about the 3rd century tea growers discovered a process that would halt oxidation and sort of preserve the green color and flavor so that it could be used to make a new kind of tea. This tiny little unassuming leaf has provided a refreshing quaff for centuries.

In recent years green tea has been cited as a “whole body cure all” helping those who consume it shed pounds, grow hair, calm anxiety and reverse the aging process. While some of the claims are valid, much controversy has surrounded the so-called health benefits of this modern day miracle. Green tea does provide many healthy benefits and to be certain here are some of the proven benefits of green tea.

Improves Brain Function

Caffeine is a widely recognized stimulant. Green tea does contain caffeine but not nearly as much as coffee, so you won’t risk the “caffeine jitters” to which some people are more prone. One of the benefits of caffeine is it’s effect on the brain. Caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine. In doing so, the caffeine contained in green tea allows you to focus better. Caffeine also improves brain function in other ways; Faster reaction time, improved memory and even a better mood can all be attributed to even mild amounts of caffeine.

Green tea provides all of the positive effects of caffeine with little to no jittery carryover. But your healthy and delicious green cuppa also provides you with l-Theanine, an amino acid that’s celebrated for it’s anti-anxiety properties. L-Theanine ups the production of dopamine and alpha-waves within the brain, calming you down and the caffeine boosts your brain’s function. When you combine both caffeine and l-Theanine in your afternoon cup of green tea you’ll be able to power through your day in a more productive, focused and calm manner.

Reduces Chronic Disease Risk

Diabetes and heart disease are two of the biggest threats faced by a large percentage of the population today. Something as deliciously doable as upping your intake of green tea can help reduce your risk for both. If you have already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension, sipping this verdant elixir, along with medication and lifestyle changes, can help you improve your health.

If you are at risk for these chronic diseases, either by your lifestyle or genetic predisposition, drinking green tea on a regular basis will help lower your blood sugar, increase your HDL (the good cholesterol), decrease your LDL (the bad cholesterol) and impact your triglycerides in a healthy way. Get plenty of exercise, watch those stress levels, and maintain a healthy diet, including daily doses of green tea, and your risk for developing one of these dangerous chronic conditions will drop significantly.

Lowers Your Cancer Risk

Oxidative damage to your cells is shown to be a leading contributor in the risk of cancer. Antioxidants help protect your cells. Green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants (as long as you don’t dilute your tea with milk, which can block the absorption of green tea’s antioxidants) and studies have shown that drinking green tea will lower your risk of developing breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers.

Improves Dental Health

The catechins, or extremely potent antioxidants, found in green tea impact your health in so many positive and life-giving ways. By protecting you against harmful free-radicals this mega-supplement doesn’t just taste good, it can keep you healthy during cold and flu season, by preventing viruses from taking hold and lowering your risk of infection from harmful bacteria.

One of the more destructive types of bacteria, streptococcus, is shown to contribute to tooth decay. When you enjoy your daily cuppa, make sure it’s green and you’ll improve your dental health. Not only will your favorite libation prevent cavities, gum disease and the like, but your breath will be much fresher for sipping this sublime treat.

Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

Probably one of the more popular effects of drinking this earthy brew is the impact green tea can have on your weight. The caffeine in your cuppa and the ability to sustain that caffeinated edge due to the l-Theanine, boost your metabolism. This leads to more efficient fat-burning. Also, a warm and satisfying cup of the green stuff, especially matcha, will fend off those sneaky snack attacks, helping you lose even more weight. Best of all green tea is all-natural.

Healthy and Delicious

Should you drink green tea regularly to gain these benefits? Absolutely!  But the biggest benefit to drinking green tea is that it tastes so good. Unwind at the end of the day with a cup of Sencha Serene, a rose-scented treat for all your senses. Celebrate life’s little pleasures with Champagne Delight, which combines green tea with healthy goji berries and acai, with a slight hint of strawberry. Matcha nutty, sweet and earthy flavor is the ideal pick-me-up when you feel less than spunky, and Japanese Jade is a more traditional green tea with the surprise addition of citrusy bergamot.

Whatever your pleasure, there is a green tea that suits. Brew up a cup of this healthy little leaf and experience all that green tea has to offer. Find out what the ancient Chinese already knew-these tiny green leaves of goodness are so much more than a passing novelTEA. Enjoy!