With all of the positive press surrounding green tea it’s easy to assume this bodacious beverage is “good for what ails you”. The fact is our humble hero, the tender green tea leaf, while perhaps not exactly a ‘cure all’ is beneficial to your overall health in so many ways.

Brain function is improved by a daily cuppa or two. Drinking green tea can improve your weight loss efforts as it speeds metabolism without the jittery side effects caused by less-than natural weight loss aids. But, hands down the most benefit gained by drinking this verdant potable is to your cardiovascular system.

Your healthy heart works hard to keep you moving and enjoying life to the fullest. Obviously you want to keep your ticker in tip-top condition. Exercise is essential, as is a proper diet, low in fat, sugar and sodium, and high in fiber and essential nutrients. Many of the properties that help your heart health are found in green tea. Here is a look at how the tender green tea leaf can make a difference in your heart health.

6 Amazing Ways Your Heart Can Benefit from Green Tea

Arterial Health;  When you sip heart-healthy green tea you’re helping your arteries to dilate a little bit more easily. Specifically working on the endothelium, or lining of the arteries and blood vessels. green tea reduces inflammation while improving the elasticity of your arteries, making them more flexible and easier able to withstand changes in blood pressure. Additionally some of the antioxidant properties found only in green tea can prevent life threatening clots from forming inside your arteries and blood vessels.

Protection from Ischemic Heart Disease:  Green tea is a superb source of catechins. Catechins are a natural flavonoid, or antioxidant and natural plant phenol that aid your body in so many ways. From strengthening your immune system to helping your heart to pump more efficiently by getting more blood to your magnificent muscle. Free radicals are toxins found in the environment and certain foods you eat which can impair the ability of your heart to function properly. Catechins prevent the absorption of free radicals.  

Reduces Your Risk of a Fatal Heart Attack:  Not only can regular consumption of green tea help prevent heart disease, but if you already have a cardiac condition, consuming a cuppa regularly will improve your chances of avoiding, and bouncing back, from a cardiac event. By protecting your arteries and boosting healthy heart function green tea can give you an edge. Of course, if you have been diagnosed with coronary disease of any degree it’s necessary to talk with your physician regarding your diet, including drinking green tea.

Aids in Recovery From a Cardiac Event:  There is emerging evidence supporting the theory that compounds found only in green tea, EGCG, for example, support heart attack recovery. The ability of EGCG to protect your cells in your brain can help you come back from a stroke. Because of the amazing protection green tea provides to your immune system this efficient elixir can help you in recovering from many ailments.

Removes Arterial Plaque:  Atherosclerosis, or clogging of the arteries, is due to a build-up of plaque inside the arterial walls. This is largely controllable through diet and exercise but adding green tea to your regular regimen can improve your health even more. The aging process alone can cause a build-up of plaque on the walls of your arteries but this plaque can be cleared away by including green tea regularly in your diet. Green tea reduces LDL cholesterol (the bad one) and boosts HDL cholesterol which aids in preventing the development of atherosclerosis. Additionally drinking green tea can prevent the absorption ion of triglycerides, a huge factor in heart disease.

Protects Against Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm:  A “triple A” is a condition in which the main abdominal artery becomes overstretched and can rupture, causing you to bleed out. It’s highly fatal and not always easy to diagnose. The polyphenols found in green tea can help your body make more elastin, essential for promoting flexibility in your arterial walls. The elasticity of your arteries prevents the aneurysms from forming. Studies are still going on to find out just how beneficial green tea can be in preventing rupture of a triple A and protecting against formation of aneurysms.

Your Heart Needs Green Tea

The many ways in which green tea protects your heart are cause for sipping alone, but added to that the fabulous flavor that bursts forth from a properly steeped cup of fragrant and soothing Japanese Jade, rich Energy tea, or cleansing Detox tea make your cuppa overflow with awesome. Try a daily ritual of this industrious and satisfying drink and you won’t simply enjoy the perfect pause in your day, you’ll reap a bounTEA of good health.