You need not be a nutritionist, nor holistic healer, to know about tea’s amazing benefits. Black tea, green tea, white, and many other types of the luscious leaf carry myriad medicinal properties. From boosting your immune system to preventing certain kinds of cancer and providing immediate relief for those suffering from cold or flu, tea, on it’s own, is very nearly the best tonic for your health.

Tea alone is a great way to shore up your body and arm yourself against many different conditions, however, when you blend tea with certain tisanes, and even other teas, you transform this phenomenal tonic into something even more beneficial. Here are five delicious, delightful and detoxifying ways to make your favorite tea even better.

Best Tea Combos for That Healthy Cuppa

Epiphany tea is the most pure, organic and ethically sourced tea available. The delicate flavors spring to life when steeped and you’ll notice the difference from the first sip. When you combine certain teas with others the result can be incredible. Just make sure to use a large cup or tea pot when combining teas and double your water.

Masala Chai and Golden Apple:  Masala Chai is a full flavored tea and so is our spicy Golden Apple. When you’re plagued by sinusitis, a head cold, or respiratory woes this divine duo can make you feel instantly relieved. Sip hot to bust up congestion and add a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger for it’s soothing and expectorant properties. Tea also acts as a diuretic to help flush your system. For the brave heart among us a few red pepper flakes added to the concoction will get your sinuses draining. But only add a few of the little devils. Your Chai already sports a peppery punch.

Pepperminty and Lavender Grey:  Is there anything quite as soothing as luscious lavender? It’s bouquet transports you to a serene field, bees buzzing about, somewhere in the South of France. Peppermint also helps relax you-mind, body and soul. When you bring these two stress busters together in a flavorful quaff you get a double dose of stress relief. Pour yourself a cup and sink into a warm bath full of bubbles/ Stress? What stress?

Chamomile Grove and Lemon Love:   Put on the kettle and unplug as you prepare to enjoy a break from your daily grind. This lusciously uplifting combo can provide just enough caffeine to keep you powering through your day, while giving you a reason to pause and take in the relaxingly heady scent of lemon and chamomile together. What’s more, the antioxidant properties of this power couple will boost your immune system to help shore you up against those nasty wintertime bugs. Chamomile and Lemon Love combo is the just-right cuppa when you feel you might be coming down with a cold, or the flu. Drizzle a little raw honey in your tea for an even bigger boost of anti-viral protection.

Raspberry Oolong and Pomberry White:  As the song goes “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…”.  On those days when you aren’t quite so eager to embrace your femininity-due to cramps, bloating, breast tenderness and PMS-brew up a pot of Raspberry Oolong and Pomberry White. Not only does this delectably fruity combination produce a luscious elixir; It provides proven relief for those womanly woes. Raspberry relaxes the uterus, making cramps a little less bothersome, and white tea is healthy for your reproductive organs in general. A word of caution: If you’re nursing or pregnant, stay away from caffeinated beverages.

Pomberry White and Ageless Pu-Erh:  Blending Pomberry White tea with Pu-Erh produces a cardiac cocktail that’s as delicious as it is heart-healthy. White tea contains flavonoids which are beneficial to those suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) and Pu-Erh possesses certain antioxidants that can help lower your cholesterol. What’s more, this prolific pair combine to promote fat loss too. So if you’re concerned about your heart health and trying to manage those muffin tops start a daily ritual of enjoying this power-cuppa today!

There are so many ways to enjoy the benefits of tea. Try one of these medicinal blends or check out out Health and Wellness line of already-blended tea combinations. Tea is one of the oldest known medicinals in the world, and those who enjoy their daily cuppa are still reaping the benefits, Tea may not be the fountain of youth, but it’s safe to say that it promotes longevi-TEA